About Ritual Sage Cleansing

Sage is a magnificent herb, held sacred  by various Native American cultures. It is thought to have restorative powers and encourage positive energy flow.  Burning sage, also called sage ‘smudging’ or space clearing, is a ritual conducted to restore balance, cleanse, and purify a space.  It is thought to not only banish negative energy, but also to encourage the positive.  Now you can put this powerful herb to use in your own home in a traditional ‘Sage Smudging Ceremony’!


Sage Cleansing In The News:

The following articles cover the topic of Sage Cleansing, and may be of interest to anyone unfamiliar with the process.  Many sage cleansers charge top dollar to perform a cleanse, but anyone can do this!

New York News Report (Video): 

Smudging Away The Negative Energy -  Report On Professional Sage Smudging (Note the $700 Price Tag!):

Restore The Positive Energy In Your Home