Our Kits Are The Perfect Gift For So Many Occasions...

Here Are Some Of Our Most Popular Gift Ideas


Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas:

Housewarming Gift KitAn All-Inclusive Sage Cleansing Kit + Fragrant Room Spray + Sage Potting Kit + Wall Decor To Bring Good Fortune

Sage Cleansing Gift Kit: Basic Sage Cleansing Supplies For A Home Blessing + Our Signature Smudge Spray / Room Spray


Sympathy Gift Ideas:

Sending Sympathy Sage Cleansing Kit

A Wonderful Alternative To Sending Flowers, This Thoughtful Sympathy Gift Is Intended For Anyone Experiencing A Loss Or Difficult Time.  Sage Cleansing Kit With Instructions For A New Beginning + Fragrant Room Spray Made With Sage Essential Oil To Absorb Negative Energy, And Sage Votive Candle.


Good Luck Gift, Gift of Good Fortune:

Ultimate Good Juju Sage Cleansing KitThis kit contains nearly our entire line up of sage products, everything you need to conduct a sage cleansing kit in your own home, plus some great additions like a Lucky Horseshoe wall hanging, thought to be a keeper of good fortune when hung with tips pointing up.  Harness the purification and positive energy that sage can bring to your life!  Give a gift of good fortune.

Get Well / Sensitive Occasion Gifts

Health & Healing Sage Cleansing KitSome occasions are sensative, but you want to send your love and positivity to someone.  This kit is a great alternative to sending flowers for someone in a time of need.  Perhaps they've receive a negative medical diagnosis when "get well" just doesn't feel like quite the right sentiment.  Perhaps they've experienced a negative or traumatic event, and need a fresh start. 

This kit, complete with a sage blessing kit and instructions, also includes our purifying sage smuge spray and a prayer bead bracelet, which can be worn as a daily reminder of your love and well wishes!

Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas:

New Arrival Sage Blessing KitThe perfect way to honor mother + child, what better way to prepare for a new baby's arrival than a ritual sage cleansing?  To pamper mom, we've also included Sage Aromatherapy bath salts, and a Lucky Horseshoe wall hanging, that can be hung above the doorway inside baby's nursury to hold good fortune and symbolize protection. This is a very meaningful gift for new parents, sure to be remembered for years to come!


Sage Cleansing Gift Kit: Basic Sage Cleansing Supplies For A Home Blessing + Our Signature Smudge Spray / Room Spray

Celebrating a new home is an exciting time.  Give a gift your friends will remember for years to come, and help them encourage positive energy in their new space.  Not your typical housewarming gift!


Closing Gifts For Realtors & Lenders

Agents & Lenders - You've finally found an affordable, thoughtful, and memorable closing gift for your clients.  Give a gift your home buyers are sure to remember.  Shipped 'ready-to-give' and we even have a place to insert your business card!



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