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Date: 11.01.13
Author: CoBeAdmin
Title: The New Yak City launches new website

NewYakCity is a boutique that brings together the cultures of streetwear, footwear, skateboarding, and snowboarding.  Established in 2007, NYC has their store and operations based out of Yakima, WA.

Owner, Gabe Figgs and CFO, Justin Thompson started using CompanyBE's Sales Floor to run their physical store in December 2011, and just launched their CompanyBE powered e-commerce website this October.  When asked what using CompanyBE has done to help their business, Justin says, "Being a small business, CompanyBe software has allowed us to streamline cumbersome tasks such as receiving and preparing products for purchase, as well as offering sales and inventory reports that help with bookkeeping and managing the inventory of our business. ComanyBe’s web site development has provided us with the tools necessary to grow our business’ web presence with a web store and site that is certainly professional-grade."

Looking forward, their plan with the new website is to grow our own brand and presence overall. It will enable us to conceptualize and portray the cultures and brands of our store in a way that is authentic to our home town: Yakima, the Palm Springs of Washington.

Head on over to today!