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As the year closes, you may have insurance money left to spend. It is that flex spending account that you have been automatically paying into with each and every paycheck, or the annual spending allowance available as part of your vision plan.

Well, the time has come to either use it or lose it. Because come January 1st, that money is probably not yours anymore.

Can my Insurance dollars be used on sunglasses too?
Yes! in most cases, it can be used for prescription eyewear, prescription sunglasses or even reading glasses in some cases.
Of course, you will want to check with your individual provider to confirm the details of your plan.
Be sure to order your eyewear by December 31, 2010.
Choose the style of eyewear that you want and follow these four simple steps:
1.    Choose your frame
2.    Choose your lens
3.    Choose a lens coating
4.    Send us a hard copy of your prescription via email or fax
What if I need to update my prescription?
No problem, order your eyewear before December 31, 2010.  We want to be sure that your prescription is accurate so if you need to have your eyes checked to get a new or updated prescription we can wait until January 30th to get your prescription.  When you have obtained your prescription please send it to: 
Or call us at toll free 877-313-4960


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